Friday, April 20, 2007

The Opportunity from The Secret

Thanks to a Movie, the World is Waking Up to the The Law Of Attraction...

Bob Proctor Introduces The Secret SGR

Sherry Lynn and Walter Ryan Invite You to Learn How You Can Make Wonderful Things Happen in Your Life . . .
Beginning Right Now!
Step Number One: State Your Intention to Bring Abundance into Your Life Right Now! Place Your Name and E-Mail in the Form to the Right. Receive your Seven Prosperity Lessons and Begin the Journey Along Your Own Path to Personal Growth.
Do It Now.
Jack Canfield and Bob Proctor's NEW Program is Your Next Step in Learning to Apply the Law of Attraction to Build the Ideal Life You Desire.
The Law of Attraction reveals The Secret to Everything you've ever wanted... Ever since the world found out about the Law of Attraction through the phenomenon of the movie, people from every corner of the globe have been asking Bob Proctor for more.

You've seen the Movie,Now Live the Philosophy and Claim the Wealththe Universe Has Always Had Waiting for You.
Millions of people are already using the Law of Attraction to make their lives successful. It's no longer a secret, but a household term that is rightfully being given the attention it deserves.
You too can learn how to use the "Law of Attraction" to create whatever you want in life - be it money, love or happiness - and generate abundance.

The Law of Attraction
This is how Bob Proctor explains the Law of Attraction:
We all work with one infinite power. We all guide ourselves by exactly the same laws. The natural laws of the universe are so precise that we don't have any difficulty building spaceships, we can send people to the moon and we can time the landing with the precision of a fraction of a second.
Wherever you are - India, Australia, New Zealand, Stockholm, London, Toronto, Montreal, or New York - we're all working with one power. One law. It's the Law of Attraction!
Everything that's coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And it's attracted by virtue of the images you're holding in your mind. It's what you're thinking. Whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting to you.
How to Use the Law of Attraction in your favor:
Let's take a good look at the results in your life. As you read these questions, make a mental note of the answers in your mind:
What kind of relationships do you have?
Are you in love?
What are your friends like?
How do you communicate with family members?
What is your income?
What is your business like?
How about the health of your body?
What do you THINK of your body?
The thoughts you just thought . . . the answers that surfaced before you could stop them . . . are responsible for programming your current results!
If you don't like the results in your life, you need to change your thoughts. That's ALL that the Law of Attraction is about.
This is an orderly universe. Nothing happens by accident. The images you plant in your marvelous mind instantly set up an attractive force, which governs the results in your life.
You are a living, breathing magnet. As you read this article.... Things ... Conditions ... Circumstances and People you know and even some you don't know are marching to you like obedient soldiers to aid in the manifestation of your images. Wouldn't you prefer those soldiers be helping you with your positive images?

But If the Law of Attraction is as simple as that, why aren’t more people wealthy, even gratified about the state their lives are in?
The Answer is a Simple One
There is an Exact Science to Applying the Law of Attraction to Build the Life You Seek
The science was first formulated by Wallace D Wattles in the 1910s and then Napoleon Hill in the 1950s. TODAY Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield have taken this Science into a Whole New Era.
Questions that Will be Answered
How do I Decide What Path in Life is Best for Me?
Are there truly no limitations to what I can seek?
What is the EXACT Thought Process to Apply the Law?
Where do Spirituality, Meditation and Religion come in?
How do I apply this Law to Business?
How does this Law work Groups of People like Companies or Families?
Are there Specific Ways to Accelerate What I'm Seeking to Manifest?
How do I Give Back to the World?
This is What You've Been Waiting For.Exact Instruction on How To Work with The Law of Attraction!
All the Powers of the Universe are Already Ours,It is We Who Have Put Our Hands Before Our Eyes and Cry that it is Dark!
~ Vivekananda (1863 - 1902)
Begin today to replace what you don't wantby Attracting what you DO WANT.
Read closely, to receive step-by-step instructions showing you how to begin applying the Law of Attraction in your daily life -- How to move beyond the theory into action.

Are You Attracting or Resisting Wealth from Entering Your Life?
Do You Need The Science of Getting Rich in Your Life?
Try this quick exercise.
Check the Boxes that Apply to You:
I desire more abundance in my life.
I'd like to be earning a far greater income.
I want to provide more for my family.
I sometimes worry about money.
I work hard, but don't see the income I desire.
There are many things in life I want, but cannot afford.
Without my current job, I have no other streams of income.
Now Imagine If...
Imagine if You could then use Your mind to manifest these decisions - without wavering - because it's crystal clear where you need to be and what you need to do.
Imagine if You could Create this Life of Your Dreams.
Imagine thousands of lives benefiting from your new creation - whether it's a book, a work of art, or a business.
Imagine creating jobs, changing lives, creating products that benefit humanity.
Imagine being a shining light - a bringer of wisdom and enlightenment to your community.
How would your family benefit? Whom would you influence? What would you seek to change about this world? How will you be remembered when you pass on? Whom will you teach?
Or the biggest question of all - What will be your mark on humanity?
"The Power of The Law of Attraction"
Sometimes you have to be careful what you ask for, because I think God has a sense of humor. I have never cared about material things, but I know that in order to accomplish all that I intend to accomplish for the betterment of society, I have to have financial security. Financial security is a hard thing to really see in your head, so I borrowed from Jack Canfield's advice and pictured the lifestyle that goes along with it, as a way to bring it about. Again, I don't have any desire for the jet set lifestyle, but was attempting to find a way to picture enough money to ensure that I can continue to provide for my family, for the sanctuary that is home to more than 140 lions, tigers and other big cats, and especially the funds needed to change the laws so that animals are treated with more compassion. So, I pictured the island home, the yachts, the planes, the cars, the celebrities... Within a week, a movie star that I have only met twice called me and invited me to be her guest at the home of one of her supporters. She offered to have someone come for me in a private plane. When I went online to their website to find out a little more about them, I saw the island house I had pictured, with two yachts and a seaplane tied up on the beach. Once I arrived I saw a Bentley and a Porsche in the garage and some of the nicest and most generous people I have ever met. I was half tempted to pinch them, just to see if they were real. They treated me to a lovely dinner cruise on their yacht and asked me to spend the night in their resort. They were so hospitable and wanted to help in any way possible. I was able to spend some quality time with the celebrity that I barely knew and now we are all working together to create some better legislation. This is such a small example of the power of the law of attraction and it makes me smile every time I think about the level of detail that was all manifested in such a short period of time.
~ Carole Baskin, Founder, Big Cat Rescue, Tampa, Fl Usa

Sherry and Walter Firmly Believe That It's Not About Money - It's About Gaining the Freedom to Become The REAL You.
Remember, the Law of Attraction implies that anything is within your field of possibility if you desire it strongly, believe in it, and take action towards it.
If you had a genie ready to grant your wishes, would you ask for something small? Say a new bicycle?
No. You'd be asking for bigger things. A business, a soul mate, glorious health, glorious wealth.
The Law of Attraction is like a genie. So don't squander your potential on small things.
Now here's why it's important to think big. There is so much that can be improved in the world. There is much you can contribute.
But you cannot do this by being mediocre.
Bob Proctor has studied The Law of Attraction for many years and one of the things he has learned was that the Law of Attraction works best for you and you can ask for something that will not just benefit you, but others too.
Setting a goal of getting a $1000 raise is a small goal. There's not much you can do to benefit the world with that extra $1000 per month. But setting a goal to run your own business and earn $50,000 a month is a good goal. With that money you can not only create a good life for your family, but also donate money to your favorite charities or fund neighborhood projects.
You owe it not just to yourself - but also to the world - to THINK BIG.
The Law of Attraction as explained in The Secret, and even in much greater detail in The Science of Getting Rich Program, will teach you whatever it is that you may want or need in your life.
Money on its own is neither good nor bad.
It is a means to an end. Money is a medium of exchange that is used by all people in a civilized world for product or services. It is used to represent VALUE.
See, it’s just not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless you are rich. In order to unfold the soul and to develop talent, you must have many things to use, and you cannot have these things unless you have money to buy them with.
What we have to get straight in our heads is that owning the money doesn’t mean ANYTHING.It’s the DOING with money that develops us - it’s not in the having. And when you have more, you’re enabled to DO more.
~ Jack Canfield
Have you been taught that seeking money is bad?
People who associate money with greed and evil will NEVER see the good money can do. Money is a powerful vehicle in helping people and doing good! Especially if money is in the right hands...
However, not many people have the AWARENESS required to manifest wealth.
Take any group of 100 people at the start of their working career and follow them for 40 years until they reach retirement age and here's what you'll find, according to the Social Security Administration:
Only 1 will be wealthy
4 will be financially secure
5 will continue working, not because they want to but because they have to
36 will be dead
54 will be dead broke - dependent on the meager Social Security checks, relatives, friends and even charity for a minimum standard of living.
That's 5% successful, 95% are not.
What Makes this 5% Different?
There are millionaires with college degrees, and millionaires with little education.
There are millionaires in developed countries, but also millionaires in poor nations.
There are millionaires who were born rich. And then there are people who went from homelessness to millionaire status by mastering the Law of Attraction.
There is no single quality that stands out among the wealthy except ONE...
The Wealthy People in the World, Consciously or Unconsciously, Understand and Use the Law of Attraction in their Daily Lives.
The millionaires who are most fulfilled in life understand the Law of Attraction. They understand that abundance is their birth right but that they must earn it. It is not a win-lose situation - there is enough for everyone and they are eager to share it with everyone that desires abundance. We can all be rich.
But humanity must learn to harness the correct thought process to attract abundance... to help others understand The Science of Getting Rich.
Can you imagine how many good intentions FAIL to manifest because of a lack of understanding of the Science of Getting Rich?
This is why there is an urgent need for teaching The Laws of creating wealth to the world.
"We need to make a game out of earning money. There is so much good we can do with money. Without it, we are bound and shackled and our choices become limited."
~ Bob Proctor
The world needs to KNOW what the few have been hiding all these years. The world needs to learn the SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH.

Call it Whatever You Want.
The Science used by all the Wealthy and Wise People through Centuries of Time is Now Yours
"Made an Extra $33,100 in Income this Year Thanks to This Program"
I had the pleasure of being exposed to the Science of Getting Rich and Bob Proctor through a friend's recommendation. I make my income through publishing newsletters. I earn a good living but had been a "rut" for almost 2 years with no major boost in income. I studied business book, worked hard on my business but nothing budged. My exposure to Bob created a "mind-shift" - that's the best word I can think of. Within ONE day I changed the way I looked at and approached my business. I've so far made $33,100 this year and by business is exploding. The investment I made in the SGR Program has paid me back multiple times over. My advice - you can read all the books and take all the seminars you want to grow your business - but the BIGGEST thing you need to work on is YOUR MIND. This program could be the SINGLE MOST important piece holding you back from the life you desire.
~ John Lake, New York

Introducing the Science of Getting Rich
The world was introduced to the Science of Getting Rich in 1910 when Wallace Wattles released his book that was the inspiration for the film "The Secret". In the 1930s, Napoleon Hill took this to a new level with his book "Think and Grow Rich".
Today, the torch has been passed to Bob Proctor.
Bob Proctor is the author of "You Were Born Rich" and one of the teachers featured in the 2006 film, "The Secret".
In this amazing program - Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield will personally guide you to develop the mind-set of the wealthy.
Introducing Your Teachers
Bob Proctor - Philosopher, businessman and author of international bestseller "You Were Born Rich", he has helped people succeed in the area of mind potential for over 40 years, traveling the world, teaching people how to apply The Law of Attraction to create lives of prosperity and abundance for themselves.
Jack Canfield - Jack Canfield is the founder and co-creator of the New York Times #1 best-selling book series Chicken Soup for the Soul.® With more than 80 titles in print and over 80 million copies sold in 39 languages. Apart from being featured in the movie, he applies The Law of Attraction in all his teachings, and in his latest book, The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.
The teachers featured in the movie have put together The Science of Getting Rich Program, specially designed to help you learn how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest wealth in your life.
Sherry Lynn and Walter Ryan-

You Deserve To Learn Only From The Best. Nothing else.
What Makes The Science of Getting Rich Program so Powerful?
The Teachers featured in The Secret - Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield have been studying, applying and teaching this material for decades. They earn millions of dollars every year. But that's not what makes this so powerful... many people earn millions of dollars but they are not able to articulate how they are doing it. Therefore, they are not able to share the cause of their good fortune with others, not even with members of their own family.
This is where Proctor and Canfield have distinguished themselves... they Understand... they Apply... and they are Masters at Transferring the Science of Getting Rich to others. They are two of the most powerful coaches in the world today. Proctor and Canfield are living Examples of the Power of the Law of Attraction. They Present their Dynamic ideas with Passion.
A Question You Must Answer
What is the Most Money You've Ever Made in a Year?
Think Carefully and Insert Your Answer Here:
Now Ask Yourself This Question:
What if it Was Possible to Make this Amount in ONE Month What Would You Do With the Money?
Type in 3 Things in the Box Below:
Here's How You Can Attain these 3 Things
Understand, Absorb and Master the Science of Getting Rich.
This is NOT a philosophical program on how to get rich. It is a systematic and scientific manual to claiming the abundance that the Universe has already reserved for you.
If you had Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield Teach You How To Use The Law of Attraction To Attract Wealth Into Your Life... What kind of results would you be able to see?
How Much More would You be Able to Earn?
What Would You be Able to Attract Into Your Life
How would you Contribute to the World and to Humanity with Your New-Found Wealth?
How would your family, community, or business benefit?
Now the Big Question...
If you received training from Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield, true masters who have not only been featured in the movie The Secret, but also built million dollar businesses and trained thousands of people to manifest amazing abundance by harnessing the Law of Attraction....

Your Training System
More Powerful than Any DVD, Book, Seminar or Course...
Here's What You Will Get
1. Never-Before-Recorded Audio Instruction
With this program, you will be one of the privileged few to get access to never-before-recorded audio instruction and summaries of lessons and observations from the Teachers Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield. This is 10 audio CDs jam packed with their tutelage.

2. Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield, always by your side.
We will also give you a compact digital MP3 player pre-loaded with 15-hours of content which means you will be totally immersed in the program IMMEDIATELY and CONSTANTLY to ensure you effect the Law of Attraction to bring you wealth EVERYDAY!
Immerse yourself anytime and anywhere! Listen anytime while in a bus, on a train, waiting in line, during lunch breaks, by the pool...

3. Tools To Help You Take Action and Keep It Going
15 Dynamic Lessons that capture specific teachings to help you further understand and implement the Law of Attraction as well as other Universal Laws. Clearly taught by Bob Proctor and Summarized by Jack Canfield.
Compact Personal Vision Boards for mapping out and envisioning the life you seek to attract.
Multiple Sources of Income (MSI) Whiteboards that motivate and inspire you to create New Channels of Wealth.
A Science of Getting Rich Goal Card - one of the primary foundational pieces in the absolute realization of your dreams.

4. New Opportunities, A Support System, Continuous Learning
$500 Gift Certificate to attend a live seminar worldwide to continue learning in a live seminar environment!
Instant and Global Connections for all your networking and connection needs. It's online, active communities, masterminds, blogs and discussion boards that welcome your participation and insights as you grow through this tremendous process.
The Original Science of Getting Rich Book beautifully redesigned for this Briefcase, which means that ANYONE can master and internalize the wisdom of the ORIGINAL text without exception!
Total Access to Your Personal Secret Agents Sherry Lynn and Walter Ryan We are here to support your success and help you achieve your goals!

5. A Complete Training System in One Powerful Briefcase
A Rich, Supple Leather-Bound Briefcase specially designed to contain The Home Seminar Kit so that you can take it with you EVERYWHERE with no hassle.

ALL THIS Delivered to your doorstep.
Why This Has More Impact Than ANY Seminar You Can Ever Attend.
Most seminar of this type take place in a hotel over 2 - 3 days and cost an average of $2000 to $7500. But thanks to the marvel of modern technology, we're distributing this priceless training as a complete home training system. You won't have to patiently wait for Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield to make it to your area or pay hundreds for hotel and travel.
You won't need to pay thousands of dollars to sit in a hotel room for 2 days, only to forget everything a week later.
You can carry the exact lessons with you ALWAYS and SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. Help them learn how to use The Law of Attraction to manifest wealth!
You get not one, but TWO of the world's experts in The Law of Attraction and wealth creation!
Priceless bonuses (read on to learn more)
This is What You've Been Waiting For.A Complete System to Attract the Abundance that Most People Miss. And Attract the Life You Desire.Based on the Book that Inspired the Movie

The Special Bonus
Your Ticket to Multiple Streams of Income
Your Opportunity to Secure the Wealth to Launch Your Dreams
One of the ways wealthy people get to earn and utilize their wealth is through the process of building multiple streams of income.
If you decide to take advantage of multiple sources of income, what you are about to learn is going to be of tremendous value to you.
Truly wealthy people educate themselves on income opportunities and open themselves up to receiving wealth from a multitude of sources - not just their day-to-day job.
Imagine if you could do the same.
You will feel more secure and free because you're not tied to any ONE source of income.
You will also be better able to pursue your dreams, passions and goals because you have MORE TIME.
Many people think it's normal to live day-by-day working a job that they have no passion for. Let me tell you that's it is NOT normal. We are creative beings and we were put here to engage in creative activities that bring us joy.
Multiple Streams of Income hold the answer. Once you start effectively applying the Law of Attraction to bring more abundance into your life one of the quickest things you'll notice is that opportunities start arising for you to earn extra money.
At first these may be just a few hundred dollars, but with continuous practice, applied thought and definite action you start seeing these amounts multiply - FAST.
The biggest, most generous source of alternate income for many people is the Internet. This modern marvel has indeed leveled the playing field and allowed millions to open businesses online selling goods and services that they are passionate about.
There is $100,000,000 on the table - How much will be yours!
Your Bonus:An "Out-of-the-Box", Ready to Start, Internet Home Business a $3,000 value
We wanted the Science of Getting Rich Program to include a truly unique, valuable and powerful bonus gift. One of the Principles of the Law of Attraction is the importance of Taking Action towards your dream. This program allows you to take those first steps towards greater wealth.
A Bonus Training System 500+ Pages on Starting an Internet Business
Ready to Set Up Website, Templates, Autoresponder System and Affiliate System that Allows you to Immediately Earn Income Marketing The Science of Getting Rich Program.
Yes, We Said REAL Income
When You Purchase the Science of Getting Rich Briefcase you automatically receive access to the Premium Affiliate Membership Program. It is part of the SGR Briefcase and it is an optional benefit included for FREE. You may never choose to use this valuable option, you may always prefer to remain a customer to simply use the SGR Program for your own benefit. However, if at some future date you choose to add a new source of income (MSI), this Package comes with The SGR Briefcase for you to use. Let me explain...
The Premium Affiliate Membership includes a Bonus Online Website, Marketing Tools and a Comprehensive Internet Marketing Course from our partners at MindValley Labs.
Our affiliate program, modeled after allows you to earn generous commissions. The affiliate program is optional and free and does not require the payment of a registration fee or the purchase of a product.
You will be paid $500 for anyone who purchases the SGR Briefcase through your account. When someone buys from you, they also have the option of becoming a Premium Affiliate Members. These are called your Tier 1 Affiliates. When someone purchases through your Tier 1 Affiliate, you will receive an additional $250. They are called the Tier 2 affiliates.
Commissions are paid monthly.
You will not receive any commissions for sales generated beyond your Tier 2 Affiliates.
Anyone can be a basic affiliate for free. But when you purchase The SGR Briefcase, you automatically get access to the Premium Affiliate Membership area. This is a special Bonus Gift that includes a complete suite of tools that will make it tens of times easier to generate affiliate commissions.
Here's What You Get as Part of the Bonus...
Your Very Own Online Marketing Campaign is designed by eCommerce specialists, MindValley Labs. This campaign includes...
Your own fully customizable website, with your own name!
Instead of just Standard Affiliate Links, you will get instant access to a fully-customizable premium affiliate website. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you can design this website without any technical help!

Professionally crafted sales copy!
Your own website comes pre-loaded with professionally written copy that is designed to sell. MindValley Labs will consistently tweak and optimize the sales copy to convert visitors into sales for you!

Lead Capturing FREE SGR Lessons & Auto-responder!
Just send visitors to your website so they can subscribe to 7 FREE powerful Science of Getting Rich Lessons. We will send the lessons to your leads and share the value of the program with them on your behalf. All this is run on auto-pilot!

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As a Premium Affiliate, you can drive traffic to your site easily, using a comprehensive range of online affiliate marketing tools including pre-designed banner ads, text ads, email and forum signatures, pre-written blog and ezine posts, pre-formatted direct email system, testimonial exchanges and much much more! These tools are continuously being upgraded and enhanced and you will get unlimited access to all future updates!

Coaching Calls with Secret Teacher - Bob Proctor!
As a Premium Affiliate you will also get access to participate in exciting weekly conference calls with Bob Proctor free for 3 months ($15.00 per mo thereafter). Bob will assist you in developing a better understanding of the many exciting principles of The Science of Getting Rich Program.

A Private Network of other PREMIUM members to create opportunities together, learn and earn!
Get access to an exclusive network of other positive individuals, affiliate marketers, and industry experts in our private affiliate forum. Get tips on successful affiliate marketing, and network with like-minded individuals.

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Offline Tools For Face-to-Face Introductions
Help is not only online... you will get promotional material and how to guides to help you effectively share The Science of Getting Rich Program wherever you go.

A Dedicated Team to Help with Website Maintenance and Customer Support
We've done all the hard work for you. Tools to help you introduce people to your website. Sales copy and FREE lessons to convert site visitors to customers. And we even take care of pre- and post-purchase customer support! You will never find a single affiliate membership like this.

How Much Is This Worth?
Imagine if you had to do all this work yourself? Get web hosting, hire web designers, sales copywriters, buy software, manage customer support... the Premium Affiliate Membership will allow you to get started in minutes and will save you countless of hours.
The ONE-PUSH button Premium Affiliate System is a $3,000 value that you get for FREE.
Taking part in the SGR Affiliate Program is entirely optional and completely free, but if you choose to promote The SGR Briefcase, then The Premium Affiliate Membership will help you get an excellent head start.
We could hardly sleep once we heard about the Official Secret Seminar program and The Secret of Getting Rich. We know that through our power of intention, we, and many others have made this into a reality. We have been in the program for only three days and are more excited than ever. In just 8 hours we saw results, with over 70 people signing up for the free course, and had a new affiliate! $500.00 is pretty good for 8 hours. Now we have been doing this for just three days, we have had over 400 people visit our website. Thank you very much for making that site so quickly for us. It was a snap to set up and customize! We have also had 125 people request the free lessons, and we have 5 affiliates. This is huge! We are honored to be a part of the program and be able to get this new seminar program out to so many people, and offer such a wonderful business opportunity at the same time.
~ Carl & Maureen Banyan, Tustin, Ca
Now, I hate to say this, but there are things in this world that do not revolve around you or I.
And this is one of them...
An opportunity like this is knocking on your door - The Science of Getting Rich will touch hundreds of thousands of lives. Will it change yours?
The Science of Getting Rich Briefcase is about Laws and those that understand, obey, and use the Laws will be able to attract unlimited prosperity and abundance into their life.
We're putting the Law of Attraction into action. You desired Greater Abundance, and The Science of Getting Rich Briefcase will show you how.
Ask Yourself - What Brought You to this Site?
Perhaps you received an email that caused you to click on a link that lead here.
Perhaps a friend forwarded this to you.
Perhaps you stumbled upon this by sheer coincidence.
You can be sure of one thing - many stumble upon this site through the Law of Attraction. If you've been looking for a way to improve your finances, attract wealth, get out of debt or help a loved one pull themselves out of a rut - You're in the right place.
The Law of Attraction Says:
Ask for that which you desire.
The Answer will to come to you.
Receive the Answer - When You get an Inspired Opportunity, Act on It.
You must ask yourself this -- you are at this present moment reading this for a reason. What have you asked the universe for? A solution to your financial concerns? Perhaps a friend directed you to this website, perhaps you wondered in here totally by coincidence, or is it?
The Universe has answered your deepest desire.
It's time for you to take action. Are you ready to RECEIVE your answer?
How Much is this Worth?
If you use the Science of Getting Rich to increase your yearly income by a conservative 10%, How much is that worth?
If you use the Science of Getting Rich to change the lives of your family and friends, How much is that worth?
If you use our Bonus Gift (Internet Business Training) to start you first online business, How much is that worth?
If you Develop a Mind Set that Allows you to Harness the Law of Attraction better for the Rest of Your Life, How much is that worth?
The Information, Experience Contained Within This Product is PRICELESS
These possibilities are YOURS for only $1,995.
This is your answer to makethe permanent changes you know are necessary.
Begin Using The Law of Attraction To Better Your World

One-of-a-Kind Opportunity
Now, as strange as it may seem, we talk to people from time to time who say they don't have the time or don't have the money to take advantage of an offer like this. The real paradox is - you're going to be spending the time and the money anyway.
When you follow lawful strategy, you're going to win. It cannot fail. Aside from changing any aspect of your life that you choose, The Science of Getting Rich Program gives you the ability to attract abundance into your life.
There's a big difference. Bob Proctor has explained on numerous occasions how his income went from $4,000 to $175,000, then it went over $1 million. It took him years to figure out that THIS was what he was doing - he was employing The Lawful Strategy.
And it will begin the second you begin to internalize this Program.
It's your opportunity. It's your life. It's your decision.
This Science of Getting Rich Program will lead you into a new strategy - it's a strategy that incorporates the Law every step of the way. This works every time for every person. It is the key that Napoleon Hill said people were looking for. And when you find it, money will come to you so fast and so furiously that you'll wonder where it's been hiding all these lean years.
Open the Tap and Let it Flow.
Luck is when opportunity meets action!Take ACTION NOW!
Once again, here's what you'll get when you sign up today
The Science of Getting Rich Program
10 Jam-Packed Audio CDs with never-before-recorded audio commentary and summaries of lessons and observations from The Teachers featured in The Secret, Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield, to play in the Car.
A digital MP3 player pre-loaded with 15-hours of content which means you will be totally immersed in the program IMMEDIATELY and CONSTANTLY to ensure you effect the Law of Attraction to bring you wealth EVERYDAY!
15 Powerful Lessons & Action Planner that captures specific teachings to help you further understand and implement the Law of Attraction as well as other Universal Laws.
The Original Science of Getting Rich Book beautifully redesigned for this Briefcase so ANYONE can master and internalize the wisdom of the ORGINAL text without exception!
Compact Personal Vision Boards and "MSI" Whiteboards for the planning and execution of your goals.
$500 One-Year Seminar Voucher to attend the live seminars worldwide to continue learning in a live seminar environment!
A Science of Getting Rich Goal Card - one of the primary foundational pieces in the absolute realization of your dreams.
A Rich, Supple Leather-bound Briefcase specially designed to contain The Home Seminar Kit so that you can take it with you EVERYWHERE.
Instant and Global Connections for all your networking and connection needs. It's online, active communities, masterminds, blogs and discussion boards that welcome your participation and insights as you grow through this tremendous process.
An Instrument to Create Wealth
Instantly become a Premium Affiliate Member with an Opportunity to Create All the Wealth You Desire through our Affiliate Program
Special Bonus - Powerful Affiliate Marketing Tools
Everything You Need in this Powerful "One-Click" Affiliate Program
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Sherry Lynn and Walter Ryan

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